by Wolves

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"This isn’t just a typical hardcore band throwing a fit of screams to a chaos and confusion of aimless sounds; it’s a cleverly thought out combination of ardent vocals and droning yet dulcet instrumental work, imbued with the impassioned snarl of a punk feel." -

"Hard hitting, powerful and believable." -

"Ferocious and wild...produces real atmosphere." - Wasted! Magazine

"Sharp, focused and brilliant. Very good indeed." - Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales

"Raging hardcore rock with thrashing drums and fearsome roars, as the four-piece get swept up in their own cut-throat energy and deliver never-ceasing intensity." - 7 Bit Arcade

"A collision of crushing riffs, antagonistic rhythms, and vocals steeped in an even deeper well of venom, spite, and angst than seen before from the band" - The Ringmaster Review

"A more mature, polished all out audio assault." -


released July 9, 2012

Recorded and produced by Russ Hayes at Orange Sound Studios, Penmaenmawr

Artwork by Matteo Pontonutti, photography by Michelle Smith



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Track Name: Divide
With a growing number, pain proceeding down your arms,
you are numb, so numb

If this world should eat you up and spit you out into the atmosphere
you’ll burn, falling around me

You are my only question

You are on mountains
and I am stuck in sea caves

The disheartened you uphold,
leaving wounded, taking gold
You are one fucking creation

You are my only question, you take it away

We fall asleep in your mind
We fall asleep time to time

We fall asleep

You are my only question
Track Name: Courage Breaker
Along this twisted, tainted path, I have stray
among these lions, teaching my grasp

I will never let go
I will never let go of this spear

Their eyes may deny a subtle heart, but my guard’s up now
I’ll tear their souls apart

I will never let go
I will never let go of this spear

Our hands are tied in this violence

I will never let go
Track Name: Linger
Lonely minds wonder yet think too far ahead
Our days are numbered now

Slowly replicating circles

In my eyes

These boundaries are weak, broken
and almost nonexistent
Yet we seem to break these
Slowly replicating circles

In my eyes
It’s in my eyes

I don’t take many things to heart,
but I’ll take this to my grave
Track Name: Dead Weight
With each hour passing by a tear fills an abyss
in my heart, what you made when you left

Every day it eats away, thrashing in my memory
like a violent uncertainty

Live your life as you fucking wish

While these burdens hold me down, I wriggle free
it’s took 10 long years to see
I’m your mistake

Live your life as you fucking wish

We used to be inseparable

For I feel like a dead weight, hanging off your heart
barely connected by blood
This anesthetic’s wearing off, and I have no guidance
because you’re not here

It breaks me down